Snarky McSnide says Takeaways from the election

Takeaways from the election


Pasha Baker almost pulled it off. Jeff Triplett knows that the primary showed the majority of Sanford citizens wanted someone other than the Mayor.  That Baker came that close in the run-off should get his attention.


Roberts County, Texas is the most Republican County in the United States.  The Democrats got 4.1% of the Senate vote while 95.9% went to Ted Cruz. He got 441 votes while O'Rourke got 19.


Rick Scott beat Bill Nelson in Monroe County by a mini landslide, total vote for the Governor equalled 18,021 votes.  Total for Nelson was 18,020.


Early Wednesday morning, statewide, with all precincts reporting, Scott was ahead by 53,000 votes.  By 8 A.M. his lead had shrunk to 34,000.  By 4 in the afternoon it was down to 30,000.

Democrats once won Broward County with 80% of the vote. This time the Broward County Condo Queens could only deliver 69%. The extra 70,000 votes would have finished Scott off on election day. They were still finding votes on Thursday as Scott's lead shrank to 22,000, by early Friday it was down to 15,000. At this rate, Nelson will declare victory sometime this morning.


Trump made inroads in South Florida by moving our embassy to Jerusalem and then defunding the Palestinians. These measures helped Scott and DeSantis.


Joe Manchin survived in West Virginia by 20,000 votes.  He was smart, he knew Trump carried the state by 42% so he voted for Kavanaugh.  If Joe had voted the other way he would now have to find another job.


On the County side, Jay Zembower squeaked to victory with 519 more votes than Katrina Shadix out of over 190,000 votes cast. 


Precinct 16 votes at Lake Mary City Hall.  More votes were cast there on election day for the Sanford Mayor's race (340), than for the Lake Mary Seat #1 Commissioner race (253).

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